My name is Tuyen Trung Truong. My Vietnamese name (without accents) is Truong Trung Tuyen. In Vietnamese, “trung tuyen” means a median, i.e. the line connecting a vertex in a triangle to the middle point of the opposite edge (“trung”=”middle”, “tuyen”=”line”).

I was born in Tuy Hoa City, Phu Yen Province, Vietnam [google map]. It is a lovely city by the sea. I love swimming.

I have been a Philip T Church postdoc since August 2012 in the Department of Mathematics, Syracuse University, USA [link]. My mentor is Dan Coman [link].

I obtained my Ph.D. in June 2012 from the Department of Mathematics, Indiana University at Bloomington, USA¬† [link]. My advisor was Eric Bedford [link]. My dissertation’s title is “Pullback of currents by meromorphic maps”. Its main focus was to define a reasonable pullback operator on positive closed currents of any bidegrees for meromorphic maps of compact Kahler manfiolds.

I obtained my B.S. in 2003 from the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Science, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam [link]. My advisor was Dang Duc Trong [link]. My undergraduate thesis’s title is “Stability of H^1 functions”.